We Love Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Let’s face it – Chuck E. Cheese’s sometimes gets a bad rap.
But we LOVE it and here are some reasons why:

1 – It’s indoors.
Living in the Valley, we often face the challenge of entertaining kids when the weather is bad.
During rain, cold or heat, Chuck E. Cheese’s is always a good place to get the wiggles out.
There are games and rides, but also play structures!

2 – It’s reasonably priced.
Chuck E. Cheese’s always has coupons if you sign up on the mailing list, and they recently introduced a rewards program called More Cheese that gives you $10 back for every 3 visits.
Also, there is no entry fee and you do not have to buy food to play there, so sometimes we go and just play with a few dollars.
On weekdays, they have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that includes salad, pizza and dessert pizza, and it is a great deal.

3 – Easy mealtimes.
Chuck E. Cheese’s food has improved since our childhood, and there is something for everyone now, including healthy choices.
They have an endless salad bar, pizza, of course, but also wings, chicken nuggets, wraps and sandwiches, appetizers and desserts.
Kids gulp down their meals with no complaints, and parents get to relax and eat while the kids play within sight.

4 – It’s clean and safe.
Considering the number of kids running around, we are always impressed with how clean and well-maintained Chuck E. Cheese’s are.
Also, they have a roped off entry and exit where they stamp the wrists of everyone in your group with an invisible number.
When you leave, they make sure that the children’s numbers match the adults, which gives parents a little more peace of mind.

5 – The games and rides actually work!
We have been to a lot of arcades, and have never found another place that consistently has almost all of the machines in good working order.
When a game or ride does malfunction, we can always quickly find a team member who gets it fixed or gives us a refund.
No frustrations or disappointments!

6 – The employees are very friendly and helpful.
We have never encountered an unpleasant one yet, and again, considering all of the kids running around, that is commendable.

7 – The whole family can have fun together.
Every age can enjoy the arcade games, so even older kids, parents and grandparents will have a good time.

If you haven’t been to Chuck E. Cheese’s in a while, give it another try and see why it truly is the place “where a kid can be a kid” and parents can relax a little while they’re doing it!

There are two Chuck E. Cheese’s locations in Fresno – West Shaw and River Park, and one in Visalia.
Go to their website for hours, coupons and birthday party information.

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