Tinkergarten with Miss Dee Dee – Learning Through Outdoor Play!

Tinkergarten has finally come to Fresno!
We have enviously watched our friends in other areas participating in these classes, and now it is finally available here!

Tinkergarten classes teach kids 18 months - 8 years a variety of skills through outdoor, child-led play.
Miss Dee Dee is currently leading classes at Dry Creek Park in Clovis on Tuesdays, 9:30-10:45.

Here's a look at our first class:
As everyone was arriving, the kids all got magnifying glasses and little buckets.Kids with magnifying glasses are so cute!!They used them to start exploring the outdoor "classroom" and collected anything interesting to them in their buckets.

After they collected their 'treasures', they got to stick them on the sticky trees for everyone else to see.

This was so neat!
They loved displaying their collections!

Then it was circle time.A cute bee puppet helped with introductions and all of the kids got a chance to say their names.
Throughout the fall season, gratitude is going to be a part of the classes, so Miss Dee Dee has a gratitude jar and paper leaves.
The kids can write things that they are grateful for on the leaves and put them in the jar.
She strung the leaves up, again allowing the children to proudly display their work.

To introduce the theme of this class, Miss Dee Dee read a cute story about a chameleon,

and we all went to look for lizards!

She had hidden these cute lizard rocks all over, and the kids had to find them.

Besides being as fun as an Easter egg hunt, this activity was designed to teach focus and self-control.

As the children found the lizards, they put them all on a blanket and looked at the different sizes and colors.Then, they each got a few lizards to play hide-and-seek with in any way that they wanted.
Tinkergarten is designed to let the children lead the play, and it was interesting to see how imaginative they became and how happy they were to have their adults follow along in their games.

To finish the class, we had celebration time and ate snacks that we brought with us while we talked about our experiences that day.
You can't be afraid of getting dirty if you participate in Tinkergarten, but it is such a unique experience and definitely one that kids will look forward to every week!

Click Here for more information and to enroll in Tinkergarten with Miss Dee Dee.

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