The Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood

We recently had the great pleasure of staying at the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood, and it’s definitely one of the most family-friendly hotels that we’ve ever found!
If you’re planning a trip to the L.A. area with kids, staying here is a no-brainer.
The Magic Castle Hotel offers so many great amenities for kids and families and the customer service is off the charts.

The biggest perk of a stay at the Magic Castle Hotel is ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT snacks!!
There’s a large list of snacks and candy that can be requested from the front desk for free anytime of the day or night.
The kids LOVED being able to request their own snacks and Mom and Dad LOVED never having to get a snack for the kids!

There’s also a Coke Freestyle soda machine with lots of drink choices and a soft serve ice cream machine that you can help yourself to all day long!

All of the rooms surround an inner courtyard area that’s not too big, so we felt very comfortable letting our kids go back and forth to the snacks by themselves during the day and they loved the independence.

You can’t stay at a hotel in L.A. without a pool, and the Magic Castle Hotel pool is constantly heated to a very nice 88 degrees, so you never have to worry about kids wanting to swim and then it’s just too cold!
There are also kids’ life jackets available and plenty of pool noodles and toys.

BUT, the very best part of the pool is what the Magic Castle Hotel is most famous for – The Popsicle Hotline!!

Kids can pick up this magical phone anytime while they’re swimming and one of the super friendly employees will come right out with a silver tray full of popsicles!
What a dream!! 

The ‘rooms’ at this hotel are actually apartments, so they are wonderful for families.
There are 1 or 2 bedrooms available, in addition to a large living room area with a pull-out bed in the couch, a full kitchen with cooking items and dishes, a dining area and tons of storage.
We were a little worried about the pull-out couch bed because we’ve never found them to be very comfortable, even for the kids, so we were amazed when we found this one to actually be very comfortable.
I think it’s the first pull-out bed we’ve ever encountered where you couldn’t feel a bar in your back!

Having so much space was really nice for everyone, and we especially appreciated being able to cook a few meals to save some money.
One night, we borrowed a game from the hotel to play together while we cooked up some pizzas.
It was fun and relaxing!
Another one of the many amenities is a good selection of games and DVD movies that you can borrow during your stay.

If you don’t want to cook, the hotel has a list of the local restaurants prepared and they will even help you order a meal for delivery.

The Magic Castle Hotel got it’s name from the private Magic Castle club next door.
The Magic Castle is a very exclusive club where world-famous magicians perform in intimate venues.
The only ways to attend are by being a member, being invited by a member, or staying at this hotel.
However, children are only allowed into the Magic Castle during weekend brunches, so it’s very cool that the hotel brings some magic to them.
On select days of the week, one of the Magic Castle magicians comes to the hotel to do magic for the guests during breakfast!
Where else do you find that??

Although your family may never want to leave the hotel, another major perk of staying here is that it’s just one block to Hollywood Boulevard where all of the big tourist attractions are, such as the Chinese Theatre, the El Capitan Theatre, the Wax, Ripley’s and Guinness Museums and the large Hollywood & Highland mall with the best view of the Hollywood sign.

It’s really nice to be able to make the easy walk back and forth, rather than stressing in the L.A. traffic and looking for parking.

There’s even a Metro station within easy walking distance that allows you to ride the subway into other parts of L.A.

During our stay at the Magic Castle Hotel, the staff were all super responsive to our needs and extremely friendly and focused on making our time there the best possible.
And on top of it all, the price is very good!
We could not possibly recommend this hotel highly enough to other families.

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