Science Saturdays

We have discovered a new love - Science Saturdays at the Clovis Botanical Garden!

Volunteers at the garden host fun and educational outdoor science classes that are very much hands-on and allow kids to get dirty and investigate nature first-hand.
There is a different topic for each class, and teaching is done through a variety of activities and games.

The first one that we attended was about compost and how living things are recycled into the earth after they die.
It began with a guided walk through the garden,and then the kids got to rotate through different stations.

This one allowed them to dig for worms in a compost box:and this one involved searching for and collecting bugs:The final station was making their own compost starter to take home:After stations, they played a game based on the decomposition cycle that really brought the concept to life.

Besides enjoying running around, our 6-year-old learned a lot from this game and still talks about it frequently.

Because our first Science Saturday experience was so great, we went back the next month to learn about soil.
This time, they started with a game to introduce the topic:Then, the kids all got to collect their own soil samples from the garden:The remainder of the class involved rotating through different stations where the kids learned how to test the temperature, pH level, color, and other characteristics of their soil:

And of course, our boys got as messy as possible while doing it and loved every minute of it!

Science Saturday is an amazing opportunity for kids to learn outside of the classroom while having fun.
The volunteers who lead it are excellent with children and very knowledgeable.
It costs only $5 per child, and the money is being used to help build the children's section of the garden.

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