A Coastal Getaway to Morro Bay at Estero Inn

All of us living in the Central Valley love to escape to the coast as often as possible, and we have discovered the most lovely coastal getaway spot –
Estero Inn in Morro Bay

Estero Inn is located right on the bay, at the end of the Embarcadero, and just minutes from the beach.
The owners and staff take meticulous care of the Inn and the guests, and it is just so nice and peaceful!

After a wonderful day on the beach collecting shells and building sand castles, our family was so excited when we opened the door to our waterfront suite!

It was very spacious and comfortable, and had amazing views from every angle.

The boys were most excited about the towel animals that greeted them on the beds, and the game table where we were able to eat and play checkers while watching boats go by.

The bathroom was also quite large and featured a double shower!

Although we watched a bit of TV in the inviting seating area, the natural view was so much better and it was hard for even the kids to pay attention to anything else.

Just outside the room, you can get an even better view of the beautiful bay on the Inn’s deck.

There is also an upstairs viewing area, and lots of cozy benches and chairs all around to just sit and enjoy or watch the sunset behind Morro Rock.

Estero Inn is definitely family friendly, but it only has one room with 2 beds and that can book up quickly.
However, we will be looking forward to returning for many kid-free getaways because it’s the perfect place for romance.

One of the nice features of Estero Inn is that it’s just far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the Embarcadero to be quiet and serene, but close enough to easily walk to the shops and restaurants.

And Estero Inn is a complete vacation destination because it is also the home of Estero Adventures where you can rent electric pontoon boats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and fat-tire beach bike rentals.

Anyone can rent from Estero Adventures – you do not have to be staying at the Inn.

We decided to try an electric boat because it looked so fun, although we have to admit that we were a little intimidated because we had never driven a boat like this in the ocean.
However, our worries quickly left as the staff spent a long time patiently teaching us everything about the boat and the route to take.

Once we felt confident, we were ready to take a cruise around the bay!
The area where you take the boats, kayaks or paddleboards is all in the quiet bay behind the sandspit, so for beginners like us, it’s nice to not be out in the waves.

But even in the Bay, there was lots to see, including otters, sea lions and birds.

We were able to get very close to the animals and watch them diving and fishing – it was so cool!

You can connect your phones to the boat’s speakers and play your music, munch on snacks and just enjoy a really special experience in a beautiful place.

We are so grateful to the Estero Adventures staff for helping us try something new –
it was our favorite part of the trip and we can’t wait to get back and do it again!

Treat yourself to a coastal escape at the beautiful Estero Inn!

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