Millerton Marina Paddle Boats – The BEST Summer Activity!

We’ve done a lot of fun summer activities, but this one will go down as the highlight of the season!

Millerton Marina at Millerton Lake recently got new paddle boats that families can take out in a quiet, safe cove.
It’s such an easy and affordable way to enjoy the lake with no experience or boating knowledge required.

There is a separate entrance and parking area right near the Marina, so it is very easy to get to.

They have life jackets in every size and they are included with the rental.

The staff at Millerton Marina are all very friendly and helpful.
After they help you get on the boat, you’re ready to go!

There is a large cove that you can paddle around with hardly any other boats or traffic, so it is very safe and lots of fun to have the area all to yourself.
Within a few minutes of paddling around, we were ready to jump in for a swim!

The water was very pleasant – so refreshing and not cold.

On the other side of the cove across from the Marina, we found a rock that we could jump off of and everyone took turns doing cannonballs!

We spent about 2 hours paddling around, racing each other, and swimming.

It was so much fun and great bonding time!

When we finished and went back to the Marina, the kids were thrilled to find out that they have snow cones!
(They also have a freezer full of ice cream treats!)

Hanging out on the dock and enjoying snow cones was absolutely the perfect finish to the perfect summer activity!

There is no doubt that our kids will remember paddle boating as one of the best parts of summer!
We will be going back as often as we can.

Millerton Marina is less than 30 minutes from Fresno, so it’s really quick and easy to get to –  like taking a vacation without lots of driving!
You can enjoy the boats for just an hour or two and head back home, or pack a picnic and spend the whole day at the lake.

The paddle boats are $15 for 30 minutes and life jacket rental is included.

You can reserve the paddle boats online:

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