Leland Snowplay Park

Playing in the snow is a winter experience that you don’t want your kids to miss out on, but it can be a lot of work and a lot of stress!
However, a day at Leland Snowplay Park makes snow play easy and nothing but fun!

A Leland Snowplay ticket includes tube use all day long and there are plenty of big and little tubes ready to go.
When you take a break from playing, you don’t have to watch your tubes or hold on to them – just throw them back in the pile and new tubes will be waiting when you’re ready to go back out.

But by far the best part of a day at Leland Snowplay is not having to climb back uphill!

The main hill at Leland Snowplay, which is open to all ages, has a magic carpet lift to take you back up again and again.

The bigger hill has a minimum height requirement of 44″ and has a lift that pulls you uphill while sitting in your tube.

These lifts enable your family to blissfully slide downhill all day!

If you do get tired of sliding, or for the smallest visitors, there is a separated snow play area where you can build a snowman or have a snowball fight.

And Leland Snowplay has a large lodge just steps from the play areas where you can get food, use the bathroom and warm up by the fire.

You really can’t make a snow play day with kids any easier or more convenient!

Leland Snowplay is located near Sonora, about 3 hours from the Central Valley.
We were able to get a low-cost hotel room in Sonora, so we spent the night to have more hours for snow play.
You need to buy tickets online in advance, because they do sell out on certain days.

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