King Pumpkin Patch

It's Halloween Time!
That means lots of family fun and cute pictures at the pumpkin patch!

Did you know that the King Pumpkin patch has been operating for over 33 years right in the heart of Fresno?
Our family kicked off our Halloween season with a day of fun at King Pumpkin, and we all loved it!King Pumpkin is located on the northwest corner of Blackstone and Shaw, but when you enter, you feel like you are out on the farm.
Admission is free, and they have lots of great photo spots and a wide-variety of pumpkins and gourds.

They even have this cute area teaching about how a pumpkin grows and some fun facts about pumpkins.Also free with admission is the fun corn maze!
Our family went through several times and the kids were so delighted to find real corn cobs on some of the stalks!

After the corn maze, the kids were excited to play in the bounce houses, and especially the giant pumpkin bounce house!
This was one of the biggest bounce houses we have ever seen and the kids played for a long time!However, their favorite thing was definitely the zippie pet rides.The zippie pets are big motorized animals that the kids can ride around and race.

So fun!
There's even a winner's podium for victory pictures!
 Riding motorized animals is awesome, but you can also ride real animals!
King Pumpkin has a pony ride with the sweetest little ponies, which is the perfect addition to a pumpkin patch - good, old fashioned farm fun.
If there are any kid pictures as cute as pumpkin photos, they could only be the pony ride pictures!

Each of these attractions, as well as face painting, are $5 per child, but we were pleasantly surprised that the kids got to spend a very long time doing each thing, so we felt it was a good value compared to other places.

You can also pay to go into this special photo area, with many different sets, and either take your own photos, or have a professional do it:After all that fun, it was time to choose our pumpkins.King Pumpkin has pumpkins of every size, shape and color to choose from, and the kids loved looking at everything and choosing their favorites.

Throughout our day here, we were very impressed with the friendliness of all of the employees.

Besides being such a great place for families to have a good time, King Pumpkin also gives back to our community by hosting the Great Pumpkin Blood Drive every Sunday in October right on site.
Everyone who donates gets a FREE pumpkin and T-shirt!King Pumpkin is open 7 days a week,
10 am - 9 pm on weekdays, and 9 am - 9 pm on weekends.
For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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