Epic Games2Go – The Mobile Gaming Theater

The Epic Games2Go trailer brings the best party to you!

This mobile gaming theater is the coolest party feature in the Central Valley!
It has 5 huge TV’s on the inside and 2 on the outside.
It’s totally air-conditioned and has the most amazing sound system.

Epic Games2Go invited us and a few of our friends to check it out, and we were blown away by the experience!
It’s so much more than just some TV’s in a trailer.

The vibe inside is so fun – they have set the stage with cool lights and comfy seating.

There is a HUGE library of games to choose from, so everyone will find something for their interest and ability level.

The best part, though, is the unique sound system that provides surround sound quality to each person without using headphones, but doesn’t bother the people next to you.
Even with all the screens going at the same time, it’s not excessively loud in the trailer and you really don’t notice the sound from the other TV’s that you’re not in front of.

Besides gaming, you can also watch movies or shows in the trailer, so little kids can watch a movie while the older ones game, or you could rent the trailer to watch sports games or host fight night.

Needless to say, the kids LOVED it and would’ve stayed in there forever.

As part of the rental, Epic Games2Go sends their staff members to help everyone throughout your party.
They are great about tirelessly switching the games out, solving any technology issues that may arise, and teaching people how to operate a system or game that they may be unfamiliar with, so the party is totally stress-free.

Thanks to our attendant’s patient instruction, even Dad was able to get in on the gaming action!

The Epic Games2Go trailer is at the top of every party wish list right now, so go to the website to book it for your upcoming events:

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