Chocolate Wishes and Treats

There’s a new treat store in town, and it is pure heaven!
Chocolate Wishes and Treats has opened at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, right next to the movie theater.

There are so many delicious things in this shop!

They have a huge selection of dipped apples with all sorts of toppings,

But there is also almost every other kind of yummy treat that you can imagine – giant peanut butter cups, chocolate dipped Oreos, truffles,

chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate dipped fruit, chocolate dipped everything!!

And just look at these brookies fresh out of the oven!

Of course, not to miss any sweet tooth, they also have ice cream and gelato!

And if you’re not a chocolate lover, there is plenty of other hard candy and gummy candy.

But out of all this indulgence, our favorite is definitely the cakes and cupcakes!
Everyday they have cute, over-the-top themed cupcakes.
Our kids will do just about anything to get rewarded with a Chocolate Wishes and Treats cupcake!
And especially the Star Wars cupcakes!

Check out Darth Vader,

Han Solo in Carbonite,

and R2-D2!

So fun!

Let them make your wishes come true!
Chocolate Wishes and Treats is open 7 days a week.

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